The Team

The Oil Spill Response Team is a major North American wide community-based oil clean up initiative established through team effort. The Team is coordinated by the good folks at Rain City Consulting Group, Save the Oceans Inc. and BC Hazmat in partnership with many other community and environmental organizations. This is the first year of action for our Team and we look forward to sharing some great clean up results with you soon.

Upon joining the Oil Spill Response Team you are provided with the tools and tips to work as a community to keep your neighbourhood’s roads, parking lots and driveways clean and free of those small oil spots that litter our pavement. The cumulative effect of small leaks from cars, drips of oil from hydraulic cylinders on heavy machinery, the few drops we spill when we fill up our cars, boats and small appliances actually far exceeds the amount of oil released in big spills every year. This program helps keep the roads in your neighbourhood clean and prevents more oil from entering our waterways. Get a group together and create an Oil Spill Response Team in your community!

Founding Team Members