Our Mission

Oil pollution from drips and drops (mainly in parking lots) is the largest form of water pollution in the world. In Canada and the USA alone, we dump the equivalent of 100 Valdez spills every year into our environment. This oil sticks to sediment which acts as an anchor and gets washed down the drain and sticks to the bottom of our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. It then accumulates year after year and kills life in our aquatic world just like the plaque that builds up in people’s arteries causing heart attacks and strokes.

Fortunately, the education, science and technology to turn back the tide and resolve this problem exists and can be deployed today.

Our Mission at Oil Spill Response Team is to act as the catalyst for change by bringing public awareness, training, trained personnel and superior products to the world to solve our oil problem.

To accomplish our mission we are:

  1. teaming up with First Nations, contractors and labour companies to create the best educated and ready work force to clean up the drips and drops from parking lots and shops while creating many jobs and giving disadvantaged people a new sense of purpose.
  2.  teaming up with various branches of government, cities and companies to provide a better means of cleaning up their facilities and improve aesthetics while saving money and reducing the overall burden on tax payers and society at large by reducing environmental cleanup costs now and in the future
  3. teaming up with home owners and renters to provide small cleaning kits that allow them to clean up their own oil and save money with more efficient and effective cleaners
  4. teaming up with environmental and kids groups to fund raise and spread the message to increase their positive impact community by community.
  5. teaming up with retailers and other public outlets to provided clean-up kits and then direct the funds into their communities.

By accomplishing our mission, not only will we solve this major problem while saving everyone money, but we will also generate a sense of community, create jobs and have a positive impact on our economy. So don’t wait; join our mission!